How can I prevent a bunion from happening?

If you have a bunion-causing structural imbalance in your foot, you will likely end up with a bunion–or two.

What you can do is help slow down the bunion formation. If you are pronating too much when you walk, a shoe insert or custom orthotic may help prevent that. Stretching exercises for a tight Achilles tendon can be helpful, since tight Achilles tendons can lead to flat feet and bunions.

Shoes don’t cause bunions, but they do aggravate them, so wear shoes with a wide toe-box so you’re not squeezing your toes into unnatural points. Soft fabric helps too. Sneakers are flexible and supportive. And look for a sturdy heel counter, where your heel is not able to move around too much, so your foot will not pronate or roll inward as you walk.