The practice of medicine and surgery involves many skills: Critical thinking, constant decision-making and proficiency based on accumulated knowledge. But the most important skill doctors rely on is the ability to listen. Through the decades of practice in bunion surgery, the fears, concerns and questions that patients share with me follow a clear and definite pattern. Will the recovery be long and painful? Will my foot function properly after my surgery? Will my bunion return? Why have some friends or co-workers had such a hard time with this surgery and others not so?

What I have found in answering these questions is a simple and eloquent truth. The success of bunion surgery is all about finding the right surgeon.

What bunion-sufferers need is clear information that explains this common foot deformity as well as a resource of carefully vetted foot surgeons who have the knowledge, experience and skills to be the best in class in evaluating and ultimately treating bunions. At we are committed to providing the information that helps people understand their condition. And to give access to the surgeons who can create a successful outcome. We believe that to know better will ultimately lead those who suffer from bunions to feel better.

–Stuart Mogul, MD, Founder

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